Immersion...We Are a Part Of the Thing

We choose to be aligned with her natural rhythms. We choose to flow Downstream.

Downstream (DNSTRM) Adventurewear is a fly fishing-inspired line of casual and outdoor wear for any nature-loving enthusiast.  We live by a certain mantra and a higher standard… We are not conquerors of nature, but lovers of her essence.  We are not here to tear her a new a**hole, but to align with her perfect rhythms.  We do not take without first giving and understanding her balance.  We do not own the animals and the elements, but are the same as them, a part of it all, and in awe of the vastness that surrounds us and reminds us that we are only a small but powerful part ofthe greater whole.

After a decade of guiding fly fishing, destination trips, and almost thirty years of fly fishing know how, the idea was sparked.  Born and bred on the rivers of Montana and Idaho, the notion for Downstream came to fruition when it was realized that life should feel like a flowing river....with relative ease, purpose of course, and building momentum...not a fight against a raging current. 

the team

Nic Jovanovich

Owner, Creator, CEO, Design/Art team, Professional Guide, Health and Wellness Advocate, World Traveler, Perpetuator of Consciousness.

Cory Streett

Mad Designer and Artist, Destination Trip Coordinator, Professional Guide, Sarcastic A**hole. But in a fun way. Wizard on the sticks. Dude just gets fish.


Jessica Roberts-

Tester, editor, travel-freak, lover of yoga and fly-casting.  Giver of all things good, prescriber of health and happiness.  Sweetest smile and get-s**t-done tough. 



Reppin' the DNSTRM. Team Canada. Big-fish extraordinaire. Digby Scallops, Rappie Pie, and swinging up some bruisers. 

Luke Billings

DNSTRM sales and marketing, Midwest/East.  Crossfit champion of eight galaxies. Armstrong. Mindstrong. The force is strong.