Extra light-weight, soft and silky...this mask will take your experience to the next level. Vibrant UPF material keeps you looking rad while keeping your noggin from harmful damage. ***


  • Soft capped edges at top and bottom hem for comfort,
  • side mesh panels to allow moisture to escape,
  • notched bottom hem for fit over shoulders (meaning your mask will tuck better into your shirt and keep you from getting the "triangle tan/burn" that comes from wearing other sun masks with button-up-style fishing shirts.
  • Slim and stretchy...keeps its shape longer than other brands' "silky" feeling masks. (*** Mask will feel snug at first....give it a few slight stretches before wearing)
  • one size fits all (may feel slim at first...give em a little stretch with your hands to make them fit as you wish.

Downstream Tech Sun Mask