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get to know..... Scott Adamson

Scott pondering how the morning went. Stillwater River. Nye, MT

When pursuing a life of outdoor passions, a life lived Downstream, it's important surround yourself with like-minded individuals. For me, Scott is one of those people. He's also my brother. Aside from the kinship, there's a reason we choose to spend time out there together...he's skilled at many things outdoor-ish, he's an entrepreneur, he's about as chill as a dude can get, and...well...he's just an all-around good guy.

What’s your name?

Scott Adamson

How long have you been fly fishing

I believe I was around 8 years old when I got my first fly rod, so roughly 28 years.

...a serious outdoorsman but light at heart...

Do you guide?  How does that fit into your lifestyle?

I am going on my second year of full time guiding.  Fly fishing became a significant part of my life at an early age.  Some of my best childhood memories are of fishing trips with my dad and brothers.  Needless to say, fly fishing became more of a necessity than a hobby over the years.  Being able to share that passion and teaching others is very fulfilling for me.  I feel lucky to call guiding "work", because it's what I want to be doing anyways. 

Tell us about other outdoor activities you enjoy.

I hunt in the fall as often as I can, and also love to look for deer and elk sheds in the spring.  I basically just try to be outside as much as possible.

What does “living a downstream lifestyle” mean to you?

To me living the downstream lifestyle means being in wild places pursuing my passions either alone, with loved ones, or others that share the same passions.  I also feel in doing that, there is a sense of responsibility to protect those wild places.

How does the “downstream lifestyle” fit into your daily life?

Along with guiding, I am also a taxidermist.  I really enjoy being able to preserve memories for others and honor the animals taken.  Because of my chosen career paths, I basically spend every day either outdoors, on the river, or in my shop retelling stories with others of outdoor pursuits. 

How do fishing and your other outdoor activities (from question 4) fit into living life “downstream.”

Fly fishing, hunting, and being outdoors are all mental and physical releases for me.  When I am out doing those things, everyday stress and the negative thoughts that can sometimes easily consume me, simply go away.  I feel that I'm a better husband, father, and person when I take the time to be outdoors and free my mind. 

What do you think of when you think of the Downstream Adventurewear brand?

I think of vast wilderness, clean waters, feisty fish, and people that share a passion for the outdoors.  Of course I also think of technical clothing with bad-ass designs and artwork that fit with the first sentence.

Shameless plug. We'll take it...

Like father like son. Passing on the tradition on the Big Horn River.

You became a father a few years ago...tell us how being a father has changed your life.  Tell us about your son and how the outdoors fit into his/your life(s). What kind of things are important for you to teach him?

Becoming a father has been a truly amazing experience.  It has definitely changed my outlook on life, and how I see the world.  Things that seemed so important at one time suddenly became insignificant.  I am very fortunate to have a wife that loves the outdoors almost as much as me, so our son has spent a lot of time outside in his short 3 years.  Fishing is by far his favorite activity, and he's brought many more fish to the net than I ever did at his age.  One of my favorite memories was watching him cast a white zonker with his Snoopy pole, and having an 18"+ brown blow up on it.  He didn't land that one, but the look on his face at just 2 1/2 years old told me he was hooked!  My hope for him is that he loves and respects the outdoors as much as I do.  Even if he doesn't grow up to love fishing and hunting, I just hope he respects how important public lands, wild animals, and the freedom to explore are for all of us. 

Great stuff, Scott. Thank you for your time, your personal insights, and for being a great friend...personally and of the outdoors.

Until next time, friends!


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