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Ladies and Gentlemen.... Josh Adamson.

Well, exactly two weeks ago we decided to use or blog time to start touting some Downstream VIPs. The idea was to bring in and share a bit about the people we know and love and that we think you should know talk about what a Downstream lifestyle looks looks and feels like... and to create a little community feel to the thing as a whole.

We started off close to home with Scott Adamson (click the name if you missed Scott's interview) and the response was it should be! Scott is a great human being. So for profile spotlight #2, we'ere going to stay close to home....and welcome our "little" brother...

What’s your name?

Josh Adamson

In pursuit. Josh's current life-schedule may limit his adventuring a bit, but don't make the mistake of calling him a "weekend warrior!"

How long have you been fly fishing

My brothers took the spinning rod out of my hand and replaced it with a fly-rod when I was 10-ish years old, so about 14 years or so.

Sounds about right. I feel like we pretty much pushed you to do whatever we were fishing, snowboarding (including terrain parks and steep chutes), jumping off roofs with umbrellas...even though you were much younger. You handled everything without a fear. #boss!

Do you guide?  How does that fit into your lifestyle? I am not currently a fly-fishing guide but I have done a bit of guiding here and there in the past and really enjoyed it. Tell us about other outdoor activities you enjoy. I enjoy just about any outdoor activity; fly-fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, etc. ... that’s why I consider myself lucky to live in the great state of MT!

...or you could move Boise so we could hang out more and still spend a ton of time outside! But that's a conversation for another time.

What does “living a downstream lifestyle” mean to you? Living a downstream lifestyle, for me, is finding a balance between hard work, improving myself and my personal relationships, and pursuing the things that God gave me a passion for, like fly-fishing.

I like it.

How does the “Downstream lifestyle” fit into your daily life? I try to fit the “Downstream lifestyle” into my everyday life by setting goals to help refine myself and the things I love. These goals help me to improve daily in my work, strengthen my personal relationships, and maintain an ever-growing passion for my favorite pastimes, like fly-fishing. Without these goals, I believe life for me would come to a stand-still and I would be lost. These goals that I set for myself may not always be easy to achieve, and sometimes almost seem impossible, but they are what push me. They are what keep me flowing downstream.

We're liking the insight there!

If you're looking for Josh and Esperanza, you'll most likely find them at the river or somewhere up the mountain.

How do fishing and your other outdoor activities (from question 4) fit into living life “downstream.” Being outdoors has always been a necessity for me. It’s how I get away from the “real world”  and become totally and completely refreshed. The outdoors are also where I have built, and will hopefully continue to build, my strongest and most cherished relationships. A vast majority of my childhood memories come from entire days spent in a drift boat with my dad and brothers or frosty morning hikes in the dark timber in search of an elk. As I grow older, I find that helping others seek refuge in the outdoors is just as rewarding as enjoying them myself. Over the past couple years I have watched my girlfriend go from a novice fly-fisher to showing me up every time we go. And I love it!!

Keep up the good work, bud!

What do you think of when you think of the Downstream Adventurewear brand? A group of people passionate about the outdoors and preserving its awesomeness by providing educational information, endless inspiration and sick clothing and gear that performs again and again. My Stimi-hoodie and Clearwater Trucker are my go-to fishing gear!

Josh, his hobbies, and his talents...he'll keep surprising you.

You've hit quite a few big life milestones, moved around a bit, have a ton going on but still seem to find time to be extremely active out-of-doors...can you give us some insight there?

This December, I received my bachelors degree in Construction Engineering Technology from Montana State University. Shortly after graduating, I accepted a full time position with a construction company in Billings, Montana. Although my work schedule definitely cuts down on the amount of time I get to spend outdoors, it doesn’t affect my passion for them. If anything, it allows me to anticipate my time spent outdoors even more, assuring I don’t take it for granted and soak up every minute spent pursuing my passions. This limited time in the outdoors has forced me to realize how precious they are and how important it is that they are conserved and maintained, for both us and future generations to enjoy.

Awesome, Josh. Thanks for taking the time to share!

Downstreamers, hope you enjoyed getting to another friend of the outdoors. He's just the kind of person to have on our team, and we're looking forward to getting to know some more of you in the very near future.


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