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looking forward but relishing the moment...

It is definitely that time of year...that time when most of us are longing for warmer temps, tee-shirts, and tan-lines. Spring brings new life and new hope and new sentiments on life in general. Heck, a lot of us have recently or will soon be venturing to the tropics or sub-tropics to escape winter's chilly grasp. *BONUS...saltwater flats fishing just keeps getting better and better from here on through the warmer months! Bonefish are biting, the permit are schooling up in numbers in the shallows, and the big, migratory tarpon will soon make appearances on the flats too. Hard to beat!

Nic with guide Yogi and a stellar permit specimen.

While looking forward to future adventure brings us hope and keeps us moving forward, let's not forget to revel in the present. Sounds pretty straightforward when you hear this, but really think about it and let it sink in..."to revel in the past or long for the future is to deny the present. It is impossible to live in the past or the future." The here and now, friends. That's all we've got.

Although I may have been a slightly (okay, moderately) angsty, hard-rocking, college art student when I wrote those words for a senior project, they still carry strong merit. We can lovingly remember the past and have hope and anticipation for the future, but don't forget that today is what counts. I spend most of my time amongst the mountains and rivers of Idaho and Montana...and I wouldn't have it any other way...but that means that I've still got some solid time dealing with and layering up for the snow and cold. I wouldn't wish it to be anything else.

Some of the best snow in our region can be found later in February through April.

The local ski slopes have finally garnered a notable base with frequent accumulations week after week...the rivers are less populated with the presence of the snowy banks and ice sheets in the flats...nearby ice rinks are still keeping a gleaming sheet... There is still PLENTY of opportunity for wonderful wintertime activities for most of the country! So go...stop complaining about the shoveling, and remember why you chose to live where you live (because you want to and you love it...if you don't...then move! Just stop complaining, please!) and enjoy your outside today.

And Now a Little Glimpse Into the Future...

Okay, now that we've all been reminded to stay present in our lives...let's look forward a little too. People love to plan, love to look forward, and love to dream. So let me indulge you here just a touch.

The spring thaw draws near. The snow line will recede, the rivers will swell, the landscape will green, and the temps will rise. Can't wait to feel the warmth of the sun on your shoulders? Well, let us help you get ready.


To get you ready for the warmth, we have a few fun things in store! First of all, our BRAND NEW TECHNICAL FISHING/OUTDOOR line will arrive very soon! We can't divulge everything but let's just say you'll have some great new options like SPF sun hoodies and SPF button-down shirts! Ah yeah! New tees, hats, sweatshirts donning fashionable/original artwork will be available too! Keep an eye out for future Downstream Subscribers, you'll get the early inside scoop on sales and availability! If you're not a subscriber yet, head over and submit your email in the popup window.

To tide you over, we've got some brand new, shiny additions to the Downstream Adventurewear line available NOW!

I don't know about you, but I love the vintage look and feel of a good ringer tee. We've got the Downstream Permit Ringer Tee (click that link and check them out!) available now and in two great colorways.

We've also updated the color on an old favorite.... Check out the Downstream Circle Crest Tee now in blue/gray heather. We really like the way this one turned out. Clean, modern, and well-suited for anybody...tough guy, small fry, wonder-woman, get the idea.

For most of us, the warm weather is still in our thoughts and not yet a reality. So don't forget to check out these two fleece hoodies to layer over your fresh, shiny, new tees..

The Downstream Pines Triptych Crop Hoodie (available in three fantastic colors) and the crowd-favorite Downstream Fade Pines Fleece Hoodie. We went ahead and added the Downstream Women's Fade Pines Tee to the sale too.

Hope these tasty items keep you satisfied until the next release! As a thanks for reading this article AND subscribing, we're going to drop you a coupon code good for any of the items listed above!

Just enter LOOKINGFORWARD as the coupon code at checkout and get your email-list-only discount + free shipping! (To use this coupon, you must first subscribe to the mailing list).

Now, go check out the newest Downstream Adventurewear offerings, then get outside!


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