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Not much in life is better than morning coffee and a golden sunrise on the way to the permit-laden flats of Belize.

Flash to a distant first day guiding in the Dillon, MT area. We met at the Safeway parking lot in those days...for lunches and daily instruction. Being the new kid on the block, I rolled up early to make sure I was more than ready. Not too long after, some baby-faced kid in a sparkling clean truck towing a new Clacka pulls in all gung-ho and dry sarcasm. Ten guide seasons later, we've both "seasoned" a bit, checked off some major life events, and (slightly) matured all around. I admit I have more grays than he but I did start life a little earlier too. What I didn't realize then....that day in the Dillon Safeway parking lot...was that I'd just met my longest-running coworker, fishing destination travel partner, and very, very good friend.

Cory isn't even labeled a friend anymore. He's referred to as family, as are his wife and daughter. It's been a fun, skiing, travelling....and coming together as fellow creatives. If you take the time to read the Downstream website, you'll see Cory listed as one of the contributing artists. That, frankly, is because his stuff is bad a** and this little creative connection has just added even more dynamic dimension to both of our lives (head on over to Instagram and give Cory a follow.. capt.cjs).


What’s your name?

Cory Streett

How long have you been fly fishing

Twenty-two years, since I was ten years old.

Do you guide? How does that fit into your lifestyle?

Yes, guiding is a lifestyle of it's own.

It sure is. It sure is.

Tell us about other outdoor activities you enjoy.

In addition to fly-fishing, I enjoy skiing, hiking, archery and rifle hunting, fly tying and drawing.

What does “living a downstream lifestyle” mean to you?

Taking life as it comes and appreciating the little moments before they drift away.

Capt. Streett running the Rio Grande in southern Belize.

How does the “downstream lifestyle”fit into your daily life?

The "downstream lifestyle" is subconsciously a part of me. I do not consciously pursue it, rather I'm drawn to it by a deep seeded desire to live a simplistic, natural and balanced life.

How do fishing and your other outdoor activities (from question 4) fit into living life “downstream.”

They allow us " live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of Life..."

What do you think of when you think of the Downstream Adventurewear brand?

A physical representation of the philosophies we hold dear.

You’ve had quite a few big life events in the last few years….marriage, the birth of your daughter, expanding businesses, travel…. Tell us about your family, your businesses, and how important it is (or isn’t) to incorporate the outdoors and a sense of alignment in your family life with such a busy schedule.

Our lives never slow down. Indeed, we only seem to continue to push the limits of our capacity to balance the needs of our family, our growing businesses, and our insatiable ambitions. I have become increasingly aware in recent years, just how important it truly is to learn to mitigate the strains of life, assess our true priorities to self and love, and appreciate the little moments that can be so fleeting.

Cory and the fam. Enjoying the big, wonderful outdoors, as per usual.

Withdrawing from society's dogma of possession and instant gratification and actively pursuing a life based on a collection of experiences rather than material things is liberating and even, spiritual. I find that this line of thought goes hand-in-hand with many of the principals of Downstream, and the more I travel, the more souls I meet seeking the same thing.

That is the best part of this lifestyle. No matter where you go in the world, we kindred souls are drawn to each other, all seeking the same thing. New bonds are created, experiences shared and we grow a little more and are better for it.

Hmm....deep stuff there, Cor. Waxing philosophical! Let me chew on that a moment.... Okay. Onward...

Who do you consider a hero? Outdoors-person or otherwise.

I've always enjoyed the works of Henry David Thoreau. His thought-provoking works have fueled my passions and wanderlust.

And, being a well-traveled fisherman, can you pick a favorite destination to fish (or to just escape into nature)?

There are so many places in the world that I have found that sweet sense of escape. Whether its the salt flats in Belize, chasing Elk above 9,000 feet in the brisk November days or the simple solitude and peace I find on my ever reliable home river, the Big Hole.

Yeah, it was a trick question anyway...there is no one answer there!

....a well-traveled fly fisherman for sure. Peacock bass, Amazon Basin.

We've been friends for a decade now, and I've enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for your time, Cory.

Hope you've all enjoyed getting to know Cory as much as I have. Until next time..


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