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Summer in full swing

Summer solstice has already come and gone...days getting shorter, weather getting hotter. Great snowpack and June rains mean swollen rivers but they'll still bite it. With the year's sixth month almost in the books, flows are shaping up and the rivers will soon show some character (other than fast, steady flow from bank to bank).

Sun then rain, then sun, then rain means pack plenty of gear. 12, 16, 18 mile-a-day floats are no big deal around here around now. Big bugs, small bugs, dry bugs, long strippy-swimmy things... a good mix'll get em. Here's Jess bending that rod on a strong-flow-bow on the Big Hole (a view a saw played over and over and over and over and over throughout the day). So tie em up, drop the boat in, and don't forget to leave your key for the shuttle driver.


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