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summer's end in sight

Can you believe it's almost Labor Day?!

I sure as heck cannot fathom how another guide season is well on it's way to coming to a the kids here have ALREADY returned to school, and how most of the kids in our country..if they haven't already...will be doing so very, very soon.

It seems we were just talking about Memorial Day/Weekend as the "official" start to the summer travel and adventure season, and now here we are...perched near the end of another August, staring down the coming Labor Day weekend.

As Memorial Day/Weekend signals the start, Labor Day/Weekend signals the end of the summer travel and adventure season. So let's go ahead and plan one more special outing for yourself or the more chance to build memories and traditions...and forget about those long to-do lists. The house will always need cleaned. The lawn will always need attention. There is always another time to sit around the house and have that do-nothing, watch-every-sporting-event mentality.

That's just the's tasks like paying bills and fixing the car (unless it's dire of course ha) and cleaning the garage....they will ALWAYS be there. You never finish. They're perpetual tasks. Once we accept this fact of life...that things are never really done...that they simply continue...I promise you will have a lighter air about your to-do's and hopefully realize that spending another weekend in a quality-time fashion will far outweigh the temporary and small victory of checking off task list items.

We have a sixth-grader?! How in the world did that come about? Next year, it's off to middle school. I feel like I'll turn around and she'll be in grad school somewhere like Seattle or Madrid or something...and the other two kiddos aren't far behind. Time flies by. Might as well enjoy it.

Point is, have a big-picture, long-term mentality when it comes to your extra day off at the beginning of next month. Don't wast it. Savor it. And just because summer is drawing to a close doesn't mean we should shy away from a little adventure throughout the school year!

See ya out there!


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