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Take me down to Brown Town!


Behold....BrownTown Fundraiser cap! Many of my fellow guides, fly shop owners, and avid fly fisher-people will tell you that the Brown Trout is their favorite trout! Yes, some will say the acrobatics of a 'Bow or the unnecessary beauty of a Brookie are hard to beat but......There's just something about the Brown Trout that can't be topped! The predatory nature, the variations of gold, copper, or bright yellow... the orange or red speckles (or lack thereof), and that blue cheek!


Well, many know the devastating hit the Brown population had in a lot of regional waters. This year, we're again introducing the fundraiser fishing hat and we've themed it Brown Town for the aforementioned reasons.


In SW Montana, we've partnered with the Big Hole River Foundation (BHRF) and will continue to support them and other parties dedicated to rehabbing and protecting trout populations on the Big Hole, Beaverhead, Jefferson, and Madison rivers. If you are outside said region, you're more than welcome to request your portion to another local entity!  Just message us when you make your purchase and we'll donate to your chosen fishery protection/rehab charity in your name!


High quality, hydorphopic poly with laser cut holes and a snap adjuster on the back.


  •  Charcoal Gray 7 Panel (OUT OF STOCK)
    • 7 panels
    • Flat Bill
    • Med/Firm Structure
    • Med Profile
  • Black 6 Panel
    • 6 Standard Panels
    • Curved Bill
    • Medium Structure
    • Med/low profile



BrownTown Fundraiser Hat


    Life is Better on the Water

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