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Fly Fishing Inspired
Tech and Casual Wear

Photo: Scotty Sherin

For those who do more than just "go Fishing"

if you get it, you get it

You're in good company:   Is immersing yourself in the beauty and power of nature more than just an escape from the everyday?  Do you feel in touch with your true self when you connect with the mountains, rivers, or endless salt flats? Is the wilderness your sanctuary and fly fishing your meditation?  Do you want more choice in your fly fishing tech-wear aesthetic? If so, you've found your community.


"We are a part of the thing....

We choose to be aligned with her

perfect natural rhythms.

We choose to flow Downstream."

Downstream (DNSTRM) Adventurewear is a fly fishing-inspired line of casual and outdoor wear for any nature-loving enthusiast.  We live by a certain mantra and a higher standard…

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