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Word on the River...


Nick -
Shallow Water Fly Fishing, Tampa

This is the lightest shirt I've worn in the hot-ass Florida sun!


Jess, Key West

...finally got a chance to do some exploring and the clothes were amazing in this Florida heat! I'm obsessed with the leggings too! So comfortable!


Parker, Boise

I want to thank you again so much for the clothing. This is by far my favorite top!

Screenshot (134).png

Josh,  Billings

This is some of the softest stuff I've worn. Highly recommended!


WHY DOwnSTREAM? in a river full of big-name players, what can we offer? 

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Clothing/Fashion = pollution. Downstream continually looks to source eco friendly materials​​ and processes. We can all do better. And we keep trying.

A sea of sameness.  When everything in the industry looks...well...basically identical, Downstream stands ahead of the rest and lets your individuality shine.


Sun rays are damaging.  As "neato" as a racoon/guide face and a farmer's tan might look, the damage to your skin is heavy. Our UPF products will help keep you safe for whole day or a whole excursion.

Because sometimes life gets heavy. But that should be the exception. Downstream is more than a company, it's a philosophy and a lifestyle. Mindfulness, consciousness, nature-centeredness,  connectedness, all out wellness, and lots of reel-screaming fun!


Life is Better on the Water

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